Eckert Crane Days, Eckert, Colorado!

Cranes in Delta County
I spent last weekend in Cedaredge, Colorado where my Dad lives. Beautiful drive over and wonderful weather too. I realized as I drove through Eckert and saw the sign for how may cranes were in Hart’s Basin I’d hit it on the same weekend as the Eckert Crane Days!

Dad and I drove the 10 minutes over to check out the cranes on Friday – there were 1100! We had great views. Ran into Dave Galinat – a great birder and good friend.

On Saturday I went back – only 100 cranes on the “Official” day, but 100’s of people. I was hoping to run into some Black Canyon Audubon friends and I wasn’t disappointed. Had a nice chat with Bill Day and Marsha (last name??) And even got to chat with Chip Clouse, from the American Birding Assoc. Chip, below in the dark red fleece had two scopes set up and was helping everyone who wanted to, to see the cranes. What a friendly, helpful guy!

Here is my dad enjoying my Swarovski Binocs that I won as Birder of the Year.. he didn’t want to give them back!

I left before the crowds did and went up to the Surface Creek Winery where all the programs were, hoping to find and visit with Cheryl Day, Bill’s wife. I wasn’t disappointed and we nearly got caught up on bird news of the western slope.

Lastly, a lovely Great Blue Heron fishing in Fruitgrowers Reservoir.

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2 Responses to Eckert Crane Days, Eckert, Colorado!

  1. Amy says:

    I always find it pretty exciting to see 2 or 3 cranes flying over. Seeing hundreds or even thousands must be amazing! I’m going to have to get to a crane festival one day.

  2. Dale says:

    wow, all those cranes must have been awe-inspiring!

    I would love to see cranes again (but the chances here in the Alps are more than a little slim 😉

    Happy birding

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