WingScapes Bird Cam is DANGEROUS!

No, really.
Dangerously addictive.
I have been experimenting with photographing the under parts of Northern Flickers with a WingScapes Bird Cam. (Finally got my OWN! woohoo!) You see, my yard is practically dripping with flickers right now and before they disperse for breeding I wanted to try and get some photos of the under wings and tails. As you know if you’ve read my blog even a little bit, I have a nice assortment of intergrades, which means a “cross” between the Red-Shafted and Yellow-Shafted varieties.

Here are a few of my experimental photos.

Oops.. an accidental Downy – cool tail feather though. And no, this pic is not upside down. The camera is pointing almost straight up to the sky.

Ooh, sa-weet! Kinda pale salmon underneath, eh?

This is the kind of shots I”m looking for. So cool!

Kinda blurred on this one and a starling too. Look at the feet on the flicker- “landing gear ready”.

Check this one out! Very yellowish wings and a dark orange undertail. I’ve seen this bird around and was hoping I’d get a shot of him.
Um.. Excuse me?!

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3 Responses to WingScapes Bird Cam is DANGEROUS!

  1. Bart S says:

    Great shots. Wish you would post some to Wingscapes photo gallery.

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  3. Larry Jordan says:

    Wow Connie, those are super shots! I have a Wingscapes also. What settings did you use to get those awesome Flicker captures?

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