Top 5 New Birds I’d Like To See At My Feeders..

Nancy Castillio at the engaging Zen Birdfeeder blog and co-owner of the Saratoga Springs Wild Birds Unlimited got home from vacation and tagged me and a couple of others with a Meme. I’ve heard of these things.. I think I’ve even read them. Now one’s got me and I’ve got to respond.

Thanks Nancy for making me think!

Top Five New Birds I’d like to see at my feeders:

5) Ring-necked Pheasant – I haven’t seen these birds since I left Montrose Co. 3 years ago.
4) Black-chinned Sparrow – I had a Sage Sparrow here once, so why not a Black-chinned?
3) Scarlet Tanager – One was in Boulder last year. It could happen.
2) Black-billed Magpies – I love Magpies, and they are close, very close.

1) Pedro-Maria – I’d like the Streak-backed Oriole who visited my yard in December of 2007 to come back. Pure fantasy, but I miss her.

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One Response to Top 5 New Birds I’d Like To See At My Feeders..

  1. Lofty list, Connie! Do magpies visit feeders out west? I had a tanager at a birdbath but only after I added a dripper. Here’s a pix:
    We have Baltimore Orioles here and had our first nesting pair last year and hope they return. You know I’ll have the feeder out and the camera tuned.
    Thanks for playing! You did great. But now you have to make up a Top Five question yourself and pass it on to 3-5 others!

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