A Lovely Day In The Mountains

Living in Colorado definitely has it’s benefits. Here in Loveland nestled against the foothills of the Rockies, I am only 1 hour away from Rocky Mountain National Park. Not having obligations yesterday I decided to head up there for relaxation, refreshing and to enjoy what I could find. I tallied a nice list of mountain birds and wildlife.

My first gem was this nearly full curl Bighorn Sheep in Big Thompson Canyon. What a beauty, eh?There was a fierce wind high up as evidenced by the snow clouds surrounding Long’s Peak.

Just inside the park proper, my first wildlife sighting was a lovely herd of about 80 elk. Mostly cows and small bulls.
Higher up in the park I stumbled upon a nice mixed flock of birds consisting of mostly Clark’s Nutcrackers, a few Stellar’s Jays and even a few Dark-eyed Juncos.
On a hillside far away – wait – sounds like a lyric from a song – I saw this nice, big bull elk.
Driving with my heater blasting the 19 degrees out of my car and with my window open, the call of a Brown Creeper stopped me. I didn’t get a photo, but this lovely Stellar’s Jay came to see if I had anything in my pockets.
Coming back down a bit to Moraine Park, this Townsend’s Solitaire was partaking of the bounty of this Juniper tree. (I love Townsend’s Solitaires, they are a most beautiful, delicate bird)
Here is one of several Black-billed Magpies observed. They were sticking their bills up to their eyeballs in snow, searching for food.
And last, but certainly not least also in Moraine Park I came upon three lovely Gray-Crowned Rosy Finches who were quite tame and didn’t mind my company. I posted a little bitty video.

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3 Responses to A Lovely Day In The Mountains

  1. Argh! You saw a Clark’s Nutcracker. One of my nemesis birds. I was beginning to think they did not exist. What a lovely day in the park! I haven’t been to Rocky Mountain National Park in years. Bev

  2. Yes, actually I saw about 8 of them! You’ll have to come up sometime and we’ll find them for you.

  3. Beverly says:

    NICE! It’s always wonderful to spend a day walking in the woods, isn’t it.

    Your video was great; I like it when people focus and hold still, not practicing their zooming skills that can make a person dizzy! I hear the wind, too!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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