To Borrow A Term; Disapproving Dachshunds

To borrow a term from Sharon Stiteler aka BirdChick, who apparently has rabbits. (or maybe they have her and she can post and write only with their approva.. um disapproval?)

These aren’t just ordinary rabbits, mind you they have their own website which you can access from Sharon’s Blog here. Disapproving Rabbits they call themselves. I wonder how fun they can be to live with?

Well I think my three mini Dachshunds, Barbie, Reina and our newest addition Winnie would like to join their club. My husband Al recently fulfilled a several year dream of mine by building a darling rustic removable fence to keep my mini’s out of a section of the yard during the time I feed birds most. Keeps the birds safe and the weiner’s from becoming stuffed sausages. Below are a few pictures of them surveying the results. I think Sharon’s rabbits would certainly disapprove.

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