Some Serious Flicker Mugging; Experimenting with Wingscapes Bird Cam

It all started out quite innocently. I noticed at work, Wild Birds Unlimited in Fort Collins, CO. That our WingScape Bird Cam was loitering upon a shelf near my desk. Not owning one at present, I asked the owner of the store, and my gracious boss, Lauren DeRosa if I could borrow the camera for awhile. (photos courtesy of WBU FT. Collins) I finally got it set up this morning and I must confess, have nearly done nothing else today.

Here I am after putting see out, cutting up the dried cherries for the Robins.

Now showing is the obliging Robin, a bit opinionated about the photo shoot, but hungry and willing to go along.

Next, a lone starling caught in the act of eating the robin’s meal worms, and not a bit ashamed.

After that, the starling is invaded by Red-winged Blackbirds and deciding it had had enough takes off.

And finally, the one we’ve been waiting for, a female Northern Flicker, liking the opportunity to show her good side, although a bit too close to the camera enjoys her first portrait taking, then, after glancing around to make sure NO ONE is watching. Gives US her best shot!

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3 Responses to Some Serious Flicker Mugging; Experimenting with Wingscapes Bird Cam

  1. Gerritnow says:

    Hey, I love your photos..they are really nice…

  2. dAwN says:

    LOL that was fun..I think that flicker was telling you to turn that thing off…

  3. ehunter says:

    That last shot was a riot. I want a birdcam now.

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