New Things To Try; Winter Feeding

Ever since last December when a rare bird visited our yard I’ve changed the way I offer food to the birds.

Now all year ’round I offer meal worms, dried fruit and jelly in addition to my regular offerings of seed and suet. I don’t offer much real fruit in the winter as it freezes and doesn’t get eaten. But I still have a hummingbird feeder out and for the last few days it’s been more of a sugar popsicle.

Something I like to put out by the spoonful too is a product called Suet-to-go. Little cylindrical shaped pellets of suet that even Robins like.

Meal worms are a steady hit at my feeders and certain birds come to expect it. The Robins especially will get quite vocal if I’m late putting them out.

I also like to sprinkle some niger seed on the ground feeder logs and rocks for the juncos too. Not normally a place to offer niger, but they like it.

Get creative this winter and offer things you never have before! Who knows what you might discover in your yard? More on that tomorrow..

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