New Article out in Bird Watchers Digest

It’s pretty exciting for me.

I’ve published a few articles over the years about my hobbies; Goat Packing, Showing dairy goats and country living. But those articles, while fun to see in print were all free lance emphasis on free. Finally I’ve had my first ever paid article come out in a national publication; Bird Watchers Digest. I’ve subscribed to this magazine for many years and it is exciting indeed to see my name in the table of contents. They’ve accepted a few more of my manuscripts, so if you subscribe watch for them. If you don’t you can subscribe here.

Now since you’ve read this post, I’ll entertain you with a poem I wrote about my sister Lauren several years ago:

My Sister

My sister loves eagles not one – but two,
It’s all that she talks about it’ll drive you nuts too.

“Eagle this, eagle that” she’ll chatter along,
Next thing you know she’ll be singin’ it’s song.

And not only eagles it’s hawks too you know,
With feathers and eyeballs and birdbrains in tow.

“Owls?” you say? Does she watch from afar?
Are you kidding? The girl lets them ride in her car!

Off they will go to some pristine place,
She lets them go free they like their own space.

Blackbirds too I might add! Filling her lawn,
Till the neighbors they moan and they groan and they yawn.

So my sister you see has a thing about birds,
It’s far worse than mine at least so I’ve heard.

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4 Responses to New Article out in Bird Watchers Digest

  1. Hey Connie! Congrats on the article. We’re pleased to have your work in our pages. Happy, birdy new year!


  2. Thank you. It is quite an honor certainly. I love your blog by the way, very entertaining reading. My 3 mini Dachshunds have a crush on Chet Baker.

  3. Beverly says:

    Connie, is that owl photo yours? It’s really lovely! I’ve had GRHO in my yard, but always too high for my camera. And nesting at the golf course, too…but too far away. That big fella looks like you could reach right out and pet ’em. Of course, knowing how they can dispatch rabbits, I wouldn’t! LOL

  4. Yep, my photo. There is a bit of a story about this owl further back in my blog.

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