More Wingscapes BirdCam Surprises..

Here are a couple of interesting shots from the Wingscapes Bird Cam. You can see the dates below each photo. I’ve had Scrub Jays visit every fall, usually around August and September.

This one I never saw, but the camera did!

The other photo is -I believe- a Common Grackle, rather late for Colorado. I did not see this bird either.

I love it! The Wingscapes Bird Spy Cam!

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One Response to More Wingscapes BirdCam Surprises..

  1. Beverly says:

    Connie, I tried to comment on your Scrub Jay photo awhile ago…but I’m having online-issues of some sort. I wanted to say that is a fabulous photo of the bird…I had no idea what it was till reading your comments about the Bird-cam. Someday, I’ll have one of those babies…I can hardly wait.

    I also look forward to the time we might meet…it’s always fun to meet a fellow blogger and one so obviously commited to her birds!


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