Christmas Candy Thievery

Our family went out for the evening last night at various places. Husband Al and I to a work gathering at one of his co-workers homes.We took our little puppy Winnie with us and left the older two mini dachshunds at home. They are well behaved and can be left just long as you remember to put the candy for the Christmas Stockings out of their reach that is..

We came home to this:

Now, I pretty much know who the initiator was for this stunt, Reina who has been a food-aholic and thief since a puppy still lapses into such behavior when presented with the opportunity. I imagine it went something like this:

Bored at our absence and probably knowing candy was in her reach, Reina went upstairs into our bedroom behind the alcove curtain to really check it out.

Not to be left behind, but also not wanting to start trouble, Barbie joined in. Reina then proceed to rummage the bags until she found something she could heist – a bag of Snickers Minis. I can see it now, Reina dragging her prize to the top of the stairs while Barbie is running circles around her, darting in for a bite or two at the bag. Reina proceeds down stairs – OUT THE DOG DOOR – and into the yard with the goods. All the while Barbie is probably yapping and darting and circling. (“I can’t beLIEVE your doing this?!)

Once outside the real fun begins with the tearing of the bag ceremony and commencing of opening and devouring seven Snickers minis. I’m not sure if they quit because they were full or because of the freezing temperatures.

Needless to say, breakfast this morning for them was light.

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3 Responses to Christmas Candy Thievery

  1. Beverly says:

    OMG…I hope the pups are okay! Chocolate can be lethal for dogs…

  2. T.R. says:

    Oh! Dogs and chocolate – not a good idea.

  3. Not to worry, barely any chocolate consumed. I know it’s not good for them and am thankful they didn’t get sick.

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