Been awhile. What’s going on? Nothing particularly exciting, but Andrew Wommack Ministries Summer Family Bible Conference was last week and though I couldn’t go they had it available free and live online so that was awesome. The depth of Gods love for all of us and the completeness of the work that Jesus did on the cross is incredible.

Lauren, Maggie and I did our two week New England trip which was fun, about 4 days too long and successful. Lots of new birds and a great time visiting family.

Since then I’ve been glad to be home, taking care of family and place and messin’ with the dogs. I love having a cup of mocha with Al on the patio after he’s home from work.

It has been a great spring and summer, not too hot, lovely weather. I even have a bit of a garden and my “mini meadow” I planted (also known as the Dachshund Forest, or Barbie’s Jungle) is doing quite well.

We had a family of squirrels raised in our bird house, followed by a family of starlings. Grackles, House Sparrows, Starlings, Flickers, Downy Woodpeckers and Robins have all been bringing their young into the feeders which is great fun to watch.

We had a great June Birthday Celebration here last week with not all, but lots of family and lots of FOOD.

No big plans for the rest of the summer, which is fine with me. Hopefully some day trips into the mountains.

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