Bathing Juncos & Spring

I have been feeding and providing moving, heated water for birds for over 25 years. This is only the second year, last year being the first, that I’ve had Juncos take a bath in my bird bath.

They really get into it and spend more time than even Starlings do, getting clean. They spend several minutes surveying the water, then another minute, just getting their feet wet.

Finally, they give it their best shot and bathe like there’s no tomorrow. I have had Pink-sided (shown here), Oregon, and Slate-colored all enjoy my bath here in Loveland.

The only thing I can figure that’s different in this bath versus all my previous ones is that I have covered the bottom of the bath with gravel and gently sloped it from very shallow to about 2 inches deep. Seems to be just the thing!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have my female canary sitting on 4 viable oregon junco eggs in her cage. We unfortunately chased the parents off the nest while gardening. She is taking it very seriously. However, will she be able to feed them, etc once hatched? Our plan is to release them as soon as they seem safe. We live in the woods of northern California.
    At home mom (homeschooling 2 daughters)

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