Hungry Corvids In Estes

Al and I spent the weekend in a great cabin on Fall Creek in Estes park. Of course I had to put seed and nuts on the railing and in a few short hours we had numerous guests. First were the Mountain Chickadees, who announced to near and far there was food for the taking. Next were the beautiful Stellar’s Jays who began filling their larders as soon as they found the food. After them came the bold and friendly Clark’s Nutcrackers who seemed to have contests as to who could stuff their mouths the most, and lastly the regal Black-billed Magpies joined in.

There was non stop action all day. I spent sometime outside on the deck, bundled up and enjoyed and photographed the spectacle. The Stellar’s Jay shown here was having a conversation with him or herself, chattering, wing-fluttering and generally giving everyone an opinion.

The nutcrackers were my favorite and while I was outside I would talk to them as they came in. They actually stopped for a second, cocking their head toward me to listen to what I has to say. Then they’d continue on the very serious business of stashing food.

This is “Bullet” the Clark’s who knew what to do with the peanuts.

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