Bobcat Ridge Snowy Hike

It was a day for exploration.

Al took our 10 year old daughter Maggie to work with him, so I suited up and headed out to Bobcat Ridge. The City of Fort Collins has opened up new trails, good day to check them out. My plan, which I followed was to go up the Ginny Trail and come down Powerline Road – about an 8 mile round trip.

Most of the hike was through burned out forest. I saw only 2 Hairy Woodpeckers working on the dead wood. There was a ravaged beauty to what was left of the forest.

Took me about 2 hours to get to the top where a spot of Ponderosa Pine trees were, I took a short side trail and rested in the pines. Not for long though, snow was moving in and I got cold fast, so bundled back up and hit the trail.

I rounded the ridge and found myself on the back side, looking west into beautifully forested land. Walked into a flock of 8 Mountain Chickadees who were very tame.

By now the snow was coming steady and I was thankful there was no wind. By the time I got to Mahoney Park, the world was a different place. And finally, birds!

There was a female Hairy Woodpecker hanging from Mullen Stalks, another flock of tame Mountain Chickadees, Pygmy and White-breasted Nuthatches, and a delightful flock of about 2 dozen White-winged Juncos.

The quiet, falling snow decorated all of this with a whispering white beauty. By the time I was near my vehicle, I’d seen a flock of Bushtits, heard a Stellar’s Jay, and startled a couple of groups of American Tree Sparrows. My last bird of the hike was a beautiful male American Kestral.

When I got back on the main road, glancing toward Masonville caused me to change course and check out a gorgeous flock of nearly 30 Wild Turkeys.

I love this shot with just the tail end of the bird, it blends right in!

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