A Chickadee And A Thumb

This morning while out (tardily, the birds would add) filling my feeders, there was a Mountain Chickadee “cheep a cheep” -ing at me. It was in a smallish aspen in my back yard.. I put a handful of seed out toward it in open palm fashion and sidestepped toward the tree. All the while it’s going “cheep a cheep”. It flies to my hand, talking constantly, pecked my thumb several times, looks me in the eye, glances at the food in my hand and flies to the nearby feeder for a seed.

What fun.
(picture is mine, but not of that instance)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Connie.
    I was one of the visitors to see Pedro Maria. You were there at the time. Thanks again for graciously sharing that treat. I saw your cobirds post for your blog. I’m glad to see you acknowledge your love of God! I share that.
    God Bless,
    Ron Bolton

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